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January 20, 2018

Youth meeting in Maribor

WBP Slovenia 2015 03WBP Slovenia 2015 06The Bible Society of Slovenia has had an opportunity to be a part of an important event that was prepared for young people of the Diocese of Maribor, organized by the newly appointed Archbishop Alojzij Cvikl and his team.
When we visited Archbishop Cvikl earlier this year, he said that the huge international scandal that devastated the Archdiocese of Maribor both financially and spiritually a few years earlier, was indeed also an opportunity for renewed pastoral work. “We just have to start building spiritual foundations from ground up,” he emphasized.
The Bible society was invited to partner with the Archdiocese on November 7th at the Institute of Anton Martin Slomšek, where we would together talk about the Bible to over 1.500 young people as a part of their training for the receiving of the Sacrament of the Confirmation, who are coming from 72 different parishes of the Archdiocese of Maribor.
It was especially poignant that our coworker Benjamin Siter was invited to speak to the largest group of youngsters. WBP Slovenia 2015 04In two talks he was able to challenge over 300 young people not to conform to the world. Through his personal story of discovering the validity of the Bible he invited them to take Jesus and his Word seriously as He is the only one who can give true meaning to their life.
In the second workshop our other colleague Tilen Urtelj spoke to over 50 young people about ways of engaging with the Bible through our new translation of the New Testament for youth, called Life with Jesus. Together they read a passage from the book of Acts, which is particularly important for them as they prepare for the receiving of the Sacrament of Confirmation.
Another colleague Martina Kraljič presented different materials that the Bible Society of Slovenia has prepared for engagement of the youth with the Bible.
Aside from giving us the opportunity to serve the young people and invite them into a closer relationship with God through reading their Bible, the event was important for raising the profile of our Bible Society, since many priests and other religious educators liked the workshops and the materials we presented and they invited us to visit them in their parishes.

You can view some photos from the event in the google-translated article from our website: