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January 20, 2018

BS Serbia work in Leskovac

In September started the third year of the Bible school in Leskovac. Parallel with the school for adults, the school for children began the second year of work.
Thanks to the enthusiasm of the leaders of these Bible schools, activists of the Bible Society, Bible study is expanding to the surrounding three cities.
Due to the activities of the Bible Society in this region, over the past 5 years, we have become the leaders of the missionary work.
Bible school publishes a leaflet each month in which it gives the class timetable and a brief summary of the lectures. This leaflet is distributed in the Churches and also in the center of the city in the main street.
Father Miroslav (38), one of Bible school leaders, says: “The Bible is the foundation of our faith and therefore it is important that people are familiar with it. Also, it is very important that people understand that God’s Word is alive and should be applied in everyday life.
Bible school is the most important part of the mission of the church in Leskovac. It has inspired and encouraged people to read the Bible and to attend regularly the Church. We are grateful to the Bible Society for this valuable initiative.”
Within Bible school we have a group of volunteers who are responsible for visiting people who suffer from different trauma. They are reading and reflecting on the Bible and praying together. They are trying to help people to reconnect with God in the midst of their pain and find hope and strength through His love.
Different churches are involved in our projects and because of that they achieved they mutual cooperation for the first time. The joint WBP conferences gave valuable contribution to this.
Orthodox Priest, Pastor of the Roma Evangelical Church and the General Secretary of the Bible Society jointly promoted first children’s Bible in Roma language and presented it to the city library in Leskovac. This was very well covered by the media.