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January 20, 2018

Two Big events in Albania

In the month of December the BS of Albania organized two main events, one in the Municipality of Berat and the “Day of the Word” in cooperation with the Bishop of Berat of the Orthodox Church.
The Mayer of Berat Mr. Petrit Sinaj agreed to be the host of a very interesting event organized from the Bible Society in cooperation with the Orthodox Church in Berat called “Bible Codexes and Historical Monuments yesterday and today”. The event was organized in the main hall of the Municipality of the city of Berat which is one of the most important historical cities of Albania. The event was opened by the Mayer Mr. Sinaj quoting from the book of Ecclesiastes bringing to attention to the wider audience the importance of Scriptures in our culture and tradition. The Orthodox Bishop Ignati shared a few thoughts about the impact of faith for the creation of the artifacts of the city. Later on the event continued with 4 keynote speakers and one video related to the Bible codexes. This event was shared also from the Municipality of Berat website in the link
It was a real blessing to have the opportunity to share about the Bible in a municipality of a city with a majority Muslim population and to put the Bible in the main news of the city.

The second big event wast the Day of the Word held in one of the Universities of Berat. It was organized together with the Orthodox Church and it involved reading from the Bible and singing Christmas hymns and other traditional songs. It was a great way of preparing for Christmas and sharing the Word of God with hundreds of people gathered for the occasion.