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January 20, 2018

Bible Week in Macedonia

The Bible Society of the R. Macedonia in cooperation with the Orthodox Metropolitan of Skopje, from 19th – 26th of June, organized in the city of Skopje, for the sixth time Bible Week (Sedmica na Svetoto Pismo). This Bible Week was organized in different places in the city of Skopje, but the most of the meetings, again like last year took part at the University for Tourism and Management. During the Bible week, Bishop Clement, who is the Secretary of the Holy Synod of the Macedonian Orthodox Church, some priests, professors and other people were lecturing about the Bible. This year were involved in this event people from different ages, and most of them were young people. The young people prepared and presented some dramas based on the Bible and also some groups prepared some amazing singing of different religious songs. About a thousand and a half people were present and were blessed from the Bible Week, participating and listening different presentations about the Word of God and the message of the Bible.
Some of the topics of the Bible weeks were:
– Church and the Bible;
– The use and the misuse of the Holy Bible;
– The correct and incorrect understanding of the Bible text;
– Workshop: Engaging with the Bible