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January 20, 2018

Audio New Testament project in Slovenia

Our Audio New Testament is being accompanied by a scripture engagement listening campaign, which we promote in several ways.
• Promotion in churches: our staff visited an Evangelical Church and encouraged them to listen to Scripture. After one month’s of listening, we sent them questionnaire and received a feedback from them. That was a huge help for planning further steps of the campaign.
• Advent podcast: everyone interested could subscribe to a special Advent podcast on our website free of charge. The subscribers received one e-mail per day with a link to one audio chapter of the New Testament. The response was very positive and some people even chose do donate to support this free initiative which we plan to continue in Lent 2017.
• This Advent campaign was also supported by the main Slovenian Catholic Radio – they are broadcasting the daily Bible chapters as well.
• General promotion in media. We had a press conference where we presented the Audio project to our general public, stressing the cultural, linguistic and artistic aspects. Our national radio covered it, as well as some other media.

We recognized that the best way to introduce our mission to people is with some concrete ideas how to Bible engage.
So we visited two parishes (ŽU Vič and ŽU Krško) and Catholic Center on Kurešček, where charismatic event was taking place. We had a mission to awake God’s word. We prepared selection of excerpts of New Testament for 30 days. We encouraged people to listen it for 30 days and see the difference in their life. More than 50 people took the challenge and start to listen to Bible.