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February 19, 2019

Digital 2018-2022

One of the most important aspects of the future is the role of technology in all aspects of life. More than 65% of the population in the West Balkans is in age groups under 54 years old. These age groups are using many kinds of digital tools, such as the internet, mobile apps etc. Digital tools will make it is easier to serve the diaspora and make the Scriptures more accessible.

The WBP is planning to provide increased services online, building Bible Apps, online courses, E-publications, etc. The Bible Society of Slovenia has already started with two interesting projects where people can access an online course, follow the lessons, engage and interact with the web based resources, etc. Based on this experience the WBP will be focusing in the next five years on building an international online platform where people can find different Bible Study materials in their language, videos and information about the Bible and the Bible Societies. This project is part of the Bible Engagement and Advocacy work. Through digital tools the WBP is trying to serve and bring the message of the Bible to the digital native generation.


  • Online Bible Teaching (WBP)
  • Learn the Word (Slovenia)
  • God’s Word through the New Media (Slovenia)
  • Online Bible teaching materials (Albania)
  • Bible Summer School and online Bible teaching (Serbia)

The digital strategy is linked with the Bible Engagement and Production strategies for they are tools for people to receive the Scriptures and to help them engage in a meaningful way with the Word of God. In the past five years, the usage of different digital tools has increased dramatically so the WBP expects that this trend will continue to grow in the coming years. This is why the digital strategy will take 12% of the total budget for the next 5 years.