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June 17, 2019

Literacy 2018-2022

05 Literacy

Literacy projects are also important for the WBP. Through these types of projects, they can impact the lives of the most vulnerable people in the West Balkan societies. In the last five years, the WBP has been developing projects related to population groups such as the Roma, poor families that can’t afford to send their children to school and Deaf and Visually Impaired people Testimonies from them demonstrate how being able to read and learn the Word of God have transformed their physical and spiritual lives.


  • Literacy project with Roma children (Serbia)
  • Roma New Testament printing and distribution (Serbia)
  • Children’s Bible in Romani language (Serbia)
  • Light in the darkness: Psalms in Braille (Macedonia)
  • Bible resource in Sign Language for the deaf (Macedonia)
  • The Gospel for the Roma community (Albania)

The Literacy strategy is not the most important voice in the budget, because it consists of just approximately 2% of it. However, the impact that the Literacy projects have on people is great and the transformation it brings is very significant in people’s lives. The WBP does not yet have the capacity to do large scales projects but the WBP maximizing the capacity within the churches that are currently serving these people.