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May 27, 2018

Literacy 2018-2022

Literacy projects are also important for the WBP. Through these types of projects, they can impact the lives of the most vulnerable people in the West Balkan societies. In the last five years, the WBP has been developing projects related to population groups such as the Roma, poor families that … [Read more...]

New WBP strategy planning

During the first half of the year the WBP has been focused in creating the new strategy for the next 5 years. For this reason the General Secretaries together with different partners meet in Leskovac and Skopje to discuss about our future. The outcome of the meeting was very important because the … [Read more...]

Audio New Testament project in Slovenia

Our Audio New Testament is being accompanied by a scripture engagement listening campaign, which we promote in several ways. • Promotion in churches: our staff visited an Evangelical Church and encouraged them to listen to Scripture. After one month’s of listening, we sent them questionnaire and … [Read more...]

Slovenian Bible reading marathon – 2017

Next Bible marathon will happen in the beginning of the year 2017. The marathon will be titled 'I speak tenderly to you' (Oz 2,14). Reading in Ljubljana will be five days long. We have been preparing content-rich accompanying events at St. Joseph’s center, where different guest speakers will expound … [Read more...]

“Grace” WBP Conference in Ohrid

Many people know something about the Balkans, but few understand the history behind this region. Our countries of the West Balkans, are continuing to struggle because of the past and because the tension between different religions and ethnicity. The WBP is trying to play its role to witness the … [Read more...]