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March 24, 2018

Bible Week in Macedonia

The Bible Society of the R. Macedonia in cooperation with the Orthodox Metropolitan of Skopje, from 19th - 26th of June, organized in the city of Skopje, for the sixth time Bible Week (Sedmica na Svetoto Pismo). This Bible Week was organized in different places in the city of Skopje, but the most of … [Read more...]

Two Big events in Albania

In the month of December the BS of Albania organized two main events, one in the Municipality of Berat and the "Day of the Word" in cooperation with the Bishop of Berat of the Orthodox Church. The Mayer of Berat Mr. Petrit Sinaj agreed to be the host of a very interesting event organized from the … [Read more...]

BS Serbia work in Leskovac

In September started the third year of the Bible school in Leskovac. Parallel with the school for adults, the school for children began the second year of work. Thanks to the enthusiasm of the leaders of these Bible schools, activists of the Bible Society, Bible study is expanding to the … [Read more...]

“Day of the Word” event

The Bible Society of Albania organized for the second time the “Day of the Word”. The event was organized in the Catholic church of “Our Lady the helper”. Even though it was held in a Catholic church there were groups of young people from the Orthodox Church together with bishop Asti and from some … [Read more...]

Bible stories with the daily newspaper ALO

In 2015 we continued the successful cooperation with the daily newspaper ALO. This time we distributed twelve stories from the children’s illustrated Bible. This Bible was created a few years ago in cooperation with the Russian Bible Society. Illustrator was a young artist from Serbia. Newspapers … [Read more...]