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May 27, 2018

Awakening God’s Word

Project Summary

The aim of the project is to provide one coordinator for all our Bible Societies who will develop Bible advocacy and Scripture engagement in the area. The role of this “ambassador of Bible mission” in our area will be to:

  • Work with foreign partners, learn from them and present the needs of the Bible work in our area.
  • Transfer the experience learned from international fundraising and Bible advocacy to our Bible Societies.
  • Work with the “Bible activists”, gathered with the “70300 Calling the Harvesters” project, encouraging them to support the Bible cause in our countries and promote it in their sphere of influence.
  • Design relevant Bible advocacy events that will create greater mission awareness in the churches and will thus serve as a catalyst to open doors for the fundraising in our area.

Target Audience

  • The staff of each Bible Society in the region
  • The activists from the “Calling the harvesters” project and their congregations
  • Local and international partners


The West Balkans (Albania, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia)