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May 27, 2018

Hope for the children

Project Summary

We provide Bible literature for children in summer schools and orphanages. During the summer holidays different churches are organising courses in religious education.  The Orthodox church is organising it in Ohrid where about 500 teenagers attend the summer school “St. Erazmus”.  There are also smaller Sunday schools organized by the main Protestant Churches: the Methodist church, the Congregational church, Evangelical church etc. The Catholic Churches also organise similar courses in Skopje and in Ohrid. During these courses young people are learning about their own religion and about the Bible. We want to provide these children with our Bible literature, to complement the instruction they receive from their school. The literature that the Bible Society provides helps the young people understand more about the Bible.  Without our material they would learn only about the churches, festivals and church history.

We have also responded to requests from the orphanage in Skopje in previous years asking for help to support the spiritual needs of the 74 children there. These children are aged from 3 years up to 18 years and among them are different nationalities and some with special needs. We very much want to continue this ministry to these vulnerable children.

Target Audience

Teenagers; Children from mainly poor families; OrphansTeenagers; Children from mainly poor families; Orphans


The capital of Macedonia, Skopje; city of Strumica and city of Ohrid