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May 27, 2018

Two Big events in Albania

In the month of December the BS of Albania organized two main events, one in the Municipality of Berat and the "Day of the Word" in cooperation with the Bishop of Berat of the Orthodox Church. The Mayer of Berat Mr. Petrit Sinaj agreed to be the host of a very interesting event organized from the … [Read more...]

Day of the Word

Famous actress, Roza Anagnosti, readingfrom the Gospelsof Luke the song of Mary The Bible Society of Albania organized the event called the "Day of the Word" at the Catholic Cathedral of Saint Paul in Tirana. Believers from the three main denominations in Albania, Catholic, Orthodox and … [Read more...]

Harvesters report – June 2013

“Ignorance of scripture is ignorance of Christ” (Saint Jerome, 347-420). With this phrase in mind, the church of Lezha, a city in north Albania, made it its mission to make possible that every family in the city and the surroundings has a Bible for the Lent-­‐Easter time, so that Christ may not be … [Read more...]

Faith and football: a winning combination in Albania

A football tournament organized by the Bible Society of Albania and its partners is bringing together churches from different denominations and getting hundreds of young people to read the Bible. As evening falls over Tirana, Albania’s capital city, two groups of young men stand quietly on a … [Read more...]

Harvester report – June 2012

The Harvesters project is still in the first stages of implementation, so it is difficult to provide testimonies etc. However I can outline our short term plans (during the year 2012) for the project. We are in the process of selecting church representatives who will be our key contacts for this … [Read more...]