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March 19, 2019

BS Serbia work in Leskovac

In September started the third year of the Bible school in Leskovac. Parallel with the school for adults, the school for children began the second year of work. Thanks to the enthusiasm of the leaders of these Bible schools, activists of the Bible Society, Bible study is expanding to the … [Read more...]

The Bible with your newspaper: a huge success in Serbia

Violeta (25) enjoys reading the Bible booklets “This initiative has been such a huge promotion for the Bible and the Bible Society. I even overheard some women talking about it in the supermarket!” Vera Mitic, Executive Secretary of the Bible Society of Serbia, cannot contain her excitement … [Read more...]

Annual Conference of the Baptist Union at Backi Petrovac

On 6th of April Bible Society was a guest at the Annual Conference of the Baptist Union at Backi Petrovac. This was a great opportunity to share our activities during such great gathering. We made 200 copies of audio New Testament. These CDs will be used for Bible groups. We also prepared a … [Read more...]

Ministry to Balkan flood victims continues

On 30th of July we visited area of the city of Šabac, which was one of the most affected in recent floods. Whole Miokus village was evacuated to higher grounds. Most of people were moved to the local Church and school. During the floods, chicken and most of other farm animals died. The flood came … [Read more...]

Bible Evening in the Serbian Government

Bible Evening in the Office for Cooperation with the Diaspora and Serbs in the RegionBelgrade - 24th of March, 2014 The Office for cooperation with the diaspora and Serbs in the region has been showing for years that it is open to all topics, so it is no longer unusual that this kind of … [Read more...]