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January 20, 2018

New Bible study materials for Serbian churches

Thanks to the work on the Harvester project we had the opportunity to look at the needs of Bible groups that are already working and those that are still in formation process. Orthodox Church and Evangelical Churches face the same problem – a lack of study materials. Experience that we gained during … [Read more...]

Harvesters Stories – Milan Mirkovic

Milan Mirkovic is a young man of 40 years. From early childhood, he decided to devote his life to God. He was born in Serbia but he spent his childhood with his family in Croatia. Since local Priest was a regular guest in their house, Milan heard a lot of different stories from the Bible and talked … [Read more...]

Harvesters Stories – Jelena Nikolic

My name is Jelena Nikolic (19 years). I am a student at High school in Belgrade. I was born in Prijepolje, a small town on the border between Serbia and Montenegro. In Prijepolje, Muslims are the majority population. Me and my three brothers were growing up in Orthodox tradition. The first book … [Read more...]

Harvesters report – October 2013

During the summer we have promoted the Harvesters project in a few parishes of Nis Diocese.  As a result, Bible schools were established in Zitoradja, Prokuplje and Leskovac in cooperation with the Serbian Orthodox Church. Bible schools will be held in the parish hall of a local Church twice a … [Read more...]

Harvesters Stories – Melita Vidovic

Melita Vidovic became Christian at the age of 15 and since then very much involved in Christian work. She married Dane Vidovic who is pastor of First Baptist Church in Belgrade and together with him she is very much involved in the church ministry. For many years she worked with teenagers in her … [Read more...]