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May 27, 2018

Slovenian Bible reading marathon – 2017

Next Bible marathon will happen in the beginning of the year 2017. The marathon will be titled 'I speak tenderly to you' (Oz 2,14). Reading in Ljubljana will be five days long. We have been preparing content-rich accompanying events at St. Joseph’s center, where different guest speakers will expound … [Read more...]

God’s Word in New Media – Report July – December 2013

Covering the Events through the Media One of the biggest events of our Bible society is The Bible marathon, which we co-organized during a whole week from 6th to 13th of October 2013 in cooperation with nearly 50 partner organizers from parishes and Christian Churches. This project was a huge … [Read more...]

Bible marathon – Awakening God’s Word

This year about 2500 Slovenians read the Bible during the 6th Bible marathon - a weeklong, 24/7 Bible reading that didn’t only take place at the traditional central location at St. Joseph’s church in Ljubljana, but also in almost 50 other towns and villages throughout Slovenia from October 6th till … [Read more...]

“I read the Word” introduction for youth leaders

On the 23th of August our New Media officer Tilen visited “Anima-Camp” of the diocese of Murska Sobota with 25 young leaders (animators) of the Summer program for kids & youth, named Oratorij, where this Year the Bible had an important role as “The Book of Life”. He introduced them the "I Read … [Read more...]

H+ for the Harvesters

On June 1st we were very delighted to attend the presentation of the H+ program for the Harvesters of the WBP. This took place near Zagreb, Croatia, and was presented by The British and Foreign Bible society staff members Michael Pfundner and Mike Simmons. We were happy to see that the harvesters … [Read more...]