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March 24, 2018

Croatia - Local projects

Bible week in Croatia

The most important event organized by the Croatian Bible Society was the Bible week in May 2013.  It was the first time that a Bible week was held in Croatian history.  The Bible week was organised in partnership with Churches and the Bible institute.  It included different activities such as Bible … [Read more...]

Scripture distribution to the children in orphanages

Project Summary - Both the poor economic and post-war situations in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina have produced a lot of children without parents and homes. Different domestic and international organisations formed children camps where they are taking care of these children. Specially, in post-war … [Read more...]

New Croatian Bible

Project Summary - Translating the Bible into modern Croatian will make God's Word accessible to a far greater number of people. After several years of preparation, we are progressing well with the translation project and we have completed the first draft of 30 Old Testament & DC books and 18 … [Read more...]