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March 24, 2018

Macedonia - Local projects

Providing scriptures to Macedonian people

Project Summary - Scriptures are supplied either directly from the Bible Society office or through trusted book agents. There is high unemployment in the country and young people are usually working for low wages. In most cases those who want a Bible are those with little income and we must price … [Read more...]

Light in the darkness: gospels in Braille

Project Summary - There are about 3,000 blind people living in Macedonia. These people also are children of God, but until now they have not had access to the Bible in Braille. Through this project we will provide Braille gospels for them. God's Word is the light for the world, even for those who … [Read more...]

Contemporary translation of the Bible in Macedonian

Project Summary - There is a real need for a new Bible in a modern Macedonian translation, that will be accessible to people of all ages and in late 2008 we had an exploratory meeting with biblical scholars, academics and linguists to discuss such a project and discover what people think this new … [Read more...]

Taking the Bible to school

Project Summary - In 2008 the Macedonian Government introduced religious education in State schools for the first time since 1991, following our State independence from ex-Yugoslavia. This is a great opportunity to support the schools, reaching children aged 10 and 11, in the fifth class in … [Read more...]

Hope for the children

Project Summary - During the summer holiday, about 500 teenagers attend the summer school "St. Erazmus" where they follow courses in religious education. There are also smaller Sunday schools organized by the Main Protestant Churches in Skopje, Ochrid, Strumica etc., where young people are … [Read more...]