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March 24, 2018

Easter Celebration in Leskovac

Easter celebration was organized by the Romani Evangelical Church in Leskovac. It lasted for six days, from 19-24 April. The final event was on Thursday evening, 24th of April. Despite the rainy evening, crowds were rushing to the main sport hall in Leskovac. It was nice to see that among them … [Read more...]

New Translation of the Gospels for Romani people

Project Summary - This project will provide Romani people with the four Gospels in their mother tongue for the very first time. - The Bible Society wants to continue reaching as many different groups of people as possible, distributing Scriptures in languages they can understand. We know how … [Read more...]

Contemporary translation of the Old Testament

Project Summary - To make a translation of the Old Testament that will meet the needs of young people and those with a secular outlook. This project is very important for the Bible Society. It will develop our relationship with the Serbian Orthodox Church and open up new possibilities to reach … [Read more...]