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March 24, 2018

Life with Jesus – Take 2

Slovenia was officially a communist country until 1991 and atheism has shaped whole generations of people. Without subsequent revival in the following 20 years that was otherwise typical for many of the former Communist countries, it has also greatly influenced the youth of today. It doesn’t help … [Read more...]

“Life with Jesus” Street Evangelism

Youth “Life with Jesus on the street” On April 25th we shared the gospel on the streets of Ljubljana with the Life with Jesus booklet. A special evangelistic event was co-organized with twelve volunteers from the catholic charismatic movement Emanuel and two of our staff members who were personally … [Read more...]

Celebrating 20 years of Slovenian Bible Society

In the second quarter of the year we were engaged in series of events in collaboration with our “official” Harvesters and other committed volunteers in a mission-based celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Slovenian Bible society. The celebrations peaked at the end of May. Public Reading: “The … [Read more...]

Life with Jesus

Project Summary - A new translation of the New Testament into contemporary Slovenian language, called “Life with Jesus”, is aimed specifically at the youth and the non-churched. The project has started in 2011. Three translators will translate the New Testament in eight years and provide … [Read more...]

God’s Word through the New Media

Project Summary - Development and maintenance of: 1. A system for conversion and publication of biblical texts into e-book and other relevant electronic formats. 2. The Facebook page devoted to Scripture, and various supporting websites. 3. A system for online user registration that will build a … [Read more...]