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May 27, 2018

Audio New Testament project in Slovenia

Our Audio New Testament is being accompanied by a scripture engagement listening campaign, which we promote in several ways. • Promotion in churches: our staff visited an Evangelical Church and encouraged them to listen to Scripture. After one month’s of listening, we sent them questionnaire and … [Read more...]

Slovenian Bible reading marathon – 2017

Next Bible marathon will happen in the beginning of the year 2017. The marathon will be titled 'I speak tenderly to you' (Oz 2,14). Reading in Ljubljana will be five days long. We have been preparing content-rich accompanying events at St. Joseph’s center, where different guest speakers will expound … [Read more...]

“Day of the Word” event

The Bible Society of Albania organized for the second time the “Day of the Word”. The event was organized in the Catholic church of “Our Lady the helper”. Even though it was held in a Catholic church there were groups of young people from the Orthodox Church together with bishop Asti and from some … [Read more...]

Bible stories with the daily newspaper ALO

In 2015 we continued the successful cooperation with the daily newspaper ALO. This time we distributed twelve stories from the children’s illustrated Bible. This Bible was created a few years ago in cooperation with the Russian Bible Society. Illustrator was a young artist from Serbia. Newspapers … [Read more...]

Youth meeting in Maribor

The Bible Society of Slovenia has had an opportunity to be a part of an important event that was prepared for young people of the Diocese of Maribor, organized by the newly appointed Archbishop Alojzij Cvikl and his team. When we visited Archbishop Cvikl earlier this year, he said that the huge … [Read more...]