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January 20, 2018

The Bible marathon

The preparatory group of annual Bible marathon – weeklong nonstop Bible reading - began meeting in the beginning of June. We decided the time and title of the 8th Bible marathon. It is due to happen in the week between 11th and 18th October and will be titled There is no fear in love. Our Harvester … [Read more...]

Bible Society and the “Forum for Dialogue between Faith and Culture”

We are continuing to develop relationships with the Forum. Matjaž and Benjamin have invested significant amount of time in the preparation and execution of the nation – wide survey, titled Jesus and Slovenians. During the preparation of the survey we cooperated with member of the Forum and professor … [Read more...]

Book Fair – Tirana Open

During the second week of May, the BS of Albania participated in the Tirana Opening event which was organized in the Palace of Congress in the centre of Tirana. It is one of the most important book fairs that happens in Albania, and this time the organizers had created also an art gallery with … [Read more...]