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June 17, 2019

Common Projects – Reports

Day of the Word
Harvesters report – June 2013
Faith and football: a winning combination in Albania
Harvester report – Albania – June 2012

Croatian Bible Society work in 2013
Harvester report – Croatia – June 2013
Harvester report – Croatia – June 2012

Harvesters report – December 2013
Work with Romani people in Macedonia
Harvesters report – June 2013
Harvester report – Macedonia – June 2012
Bible exibition report – Macedonia – June 2012

The Bible with your newspaper: a huge success in Serbia
Annual Conference of the Baptist Union at Backi Petrovac
Ministry to Balkan flood victims continues
Bible Evening in the Serbian Government
New Bible study materials for Serbian churches
Harvesters Stories – Milan Mirkovic
Serbia celebrates 1,700 years of Christianity in Constantine’s birthplace
Harvesters Stories – Melita Vidovic
Harvesters Stories – Jelena Nikolic
Harvesters report – October 2013
Harvesters report – June 2013
Harvester report – June 2012

Bible marathon – Awakening God’s Word
“I read the Word” introduction for youth leaders
H+ for the Harvesters
The men’s breakfast
I Read the Word Campaign” – Update
Harvesters – I Read the Word campaign
Harvesters Stories – Slovenia
Harvesters – Slovenia – January to June 2012
Harvesters – Slovenia – January to March 2012